Online treatment

Development of telemedicine is one of the priority areas of activity of the Ministry of Health. The role of disseminating telemedicine solutions has been noticed and recorded in the document "Healthy Future". Strategic framework for the development of the health care system for 2021-2027”.


Following this lead, telerehabilitation all around the world is gaining more and more popularity, eliminates distance barriers, allows access to specialists in various fields and reduces the financial outlay related to commuting.
Scientific medical reports indicate in which diseases online rehabilitation can be safely used.

In 2017 in Australia, scientific reports on telerehabilitation were collected from the 6 most popular databases of evidence-based medicine. After evaluating 5,913 works, it was concluded that there was a 93% improvement in function in musculoskeletal disorders after telerehabilitation.It was also determined that it brings effects comparable to conventional methods of rehabilitation that we carry out in clinics/hospitals.

Another study from 2022 assessing telerehabilitation in the elderly with musculoskeletal dysfunction compared the effectiveness of online physiotherapy in relation to conventional treatment. Studying 10 scientific studies, it is estimated that telerehabilitation had better effects among seniors in terms of improving joint mobility, muscle strength and balance..

Next scientific study concerned the comparison of telerehabilitation with in-office rehabilitation among patients with knee osteoarthritis. The treatment program was divided into two variants: 6-week telerehabilitation and 6-week in-office rehabilitation carried out in 2015/2016. 54 patients were examined, 27 patients in each group. There was no difference between the conducted telerehabilitation and rehabilitation in the clinic.It has been concluded that knee osteoarthritis can be treated safely online and bring the same benefits to patients.

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